Sustainable Development Goals

Since 2016, businesses, governments and people all over the world have mobilized efforts to move the world towards a more sustainable path, fighting poverty, inequalities and climate change.

At SwipBox, we have dedicated ourselves to work actively with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - we believe that we can change the world. Not on our own, needless to say, but we believe that if we all work strategically and operationally with what we do best, we can do wonders - together. In 2019, SwipBox is a part of the SDG Accelerator program, a program launched by UNDP to further enterprises’ SDG integration by facilitating sparring between companies.

We are focusing on 4 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. You can read more about them below.

Deliveries as part of our infrastructure

Everyone should have access to the Internet. Everyone should have easy access to physical deliveries. In the future, a strong infrastructure for deliveries is required in order to have an energy efficient and strong channel. This requires a dense infrastructure of delivery points such as the SwipBox Infinity solution, where routes can be optimized in order to make the entire value chain sustainable.


The goal is to make city life much cleaner by 2030. We want to decrease carbon emission in all aspects of parcel logistics. That’s why we are establishing a parcel locker network so dense, that there is no need for starting the car when picking up deliveries. Deliveries will be more efficient and curb carbon emissions as we optimize the logistics flow with real-time information. We are also dedicated to delivering our services to communities that secure life and infrastructure in suburban and rural areas.

ReCycle - UpCycle

The goal is to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. SwipBox Infinity products are made of recycled aluminum, which means we are upcycling. Easy disassembled to its bare components makes it possible to use the hardware in new products in the future without downcycling.

Business partners

Our focus is on letting everyone come together to achieve the sustainable goals. Through close collaboration with our partners, we want to share knowledge, expertise and technology to reach for new possibilities and benefit from each other. Together, we are building the next generation of delivery infrastructure, focusing on a green and sustainable strategy and operation.

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