SwipBox classic

The SwipBox Classic solution is a screen operated hardware solution that is available in a number of different sizes.

With the SwipBox Classic solution, you receive much more than just a parcel locker. Besides the solid hardware with an intuitive user flow, you will also get access to our customized webtool. Your integration to our system is based on our seamless API.

Product descriptions

Each SwipBox Classic series is designed to fit into your location’s physical surroundings and specific requirements. All our series consist of a base module that can be expanded with optional add-on modules.

The SwipBox Classic product line consists of three different SwipBox parcel locker series. To find more information about each series, please download our product descriptions.

SwipBox 214-series
SwipBox 189-series
SwipBox 141-series

SwipBos Classic userflow

In order to place a parcel in the SwipBox Classic parcel locker, the courier scans the parcel's barcode via the scanner on the parcel locker. The parcel related information relays from the parcel locker to the central database via 4G, 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi or LAN connection, and the customer is then notified by SMS. After receiving the notification and PIN code via SMS or e-mail, the customer picks up the parcel from the SwipBox parcel locker.

  • Press “Pick up” on the display
  • Enter the PIN code received by SMS or e-mail
  • Sign on glass (if required)
  • Door opens - take the parcel
  • Thank you for using SwipBox

How to install the SwipBox Classic

Installation time of up to just 15 minutes with only 110-240V power requirement, which means that there is no structural preparation on location. It is easy to move the parcel locker if needed, and you can add modules as required. The operation of the SwipBox Classic is fully automated and does not require store staff's assistance.

Watch the installation video below to see a full installation.


SwipBox provides you with an online webtool for you to access all functionalities of the system. Everything from daily hotline routines to advanced KPI reporting is all managed through the role-based system. The functionalities in our webtool provide you with several advantages and will be used by your back-office to help customers and couriers in their interaction with SwipBox Classic.


A keystone in our infrastructure is the SwipBox API. The API enables seamless integration into your system and provides everything you need plus a set of extra tools to make your integration as powerful and flexible as your operation requires. Create shipments with all the parameters needed to send out notifications or just send a simple barcode. The flexibility of the API enables you to make the integration as simple or complex as required. You can follow the vacant capacity on the network in real-time. This enables you to optimize utilization and adjust the routes accordingly.


All the checkpoints registered by us will be relayed to your back-end through our comprehensive WebHook System.

As an example; SwipBox will post a “Courier Delivered” event the second the courier closes the compartment door. An “End user Pick-up” event is posted the second the customer picks up the parcel. If the signature functionality is enabled, the event will contain the signature.

API requests

The SwipBox API is customized to handle any specific requirements of our partners. Your specific requirements can also be handled in our current API system. This means, that our API system is under constant development in order to service our partners.