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Posten Norge and SwipBox move towards parcel locker network in Norway



Over the next six months, a pilot project will be carried out in Oslo, where close to 100 parcel lockers will be made available and tested. This pilot will provide learnings for the further rollout of the new parcel locker network.

Ritter Sport spreads joy through Nærboks parcel lockers



In six Danish cities, eight very large Ritter Sport Advent calendars made out of SwipBox Infinity parcel lockers have been installed to spread some Christmas joy and delicious surprises.

F1 million parcels delivered through SwipBox parcel lockers in Finland



The agnostic parcel locker network Pakettipiste has delivered one million parcels through its network in the last year.

SwipBox's parcel locker showroom to benefit
Black Friday customers



A Nærboks showroom has been set up in Denmark - giving customers access to 13 parcel lockers and a fitting room in one space. The showroom is located in the Kolding Storcenter shopping mall, where customers can pick up their parcels.

A Nærboks for every Dane



Following a successful pilot in Kolding and Sonderborg, PostNord and SwipBox have begun rolling out a further 2,000 Nærboks parcel lockers across Denmark. Over the next six months, around 2,000 parcel lockers will be installed across the country, from which the Danes can pick up their parcels 24/7, close to where they live.

Final Mile Nomination



Our SwipBox Infinity Solution has been nominated for the Parcel and Postal Technology International Awards 2019 in the category Final Mile Innovation of the Year (The Final Delivery). We are very proud about this nomination!

Expansion of Danish Pilot Project



PostNord and SwipBox have expanded their pilot project in Denmark. Building on the installation of 200 parcel lockers in Kolding, 40 brand new parcel lockers were installed in Sonderborg and the surrounding area on April 26. Customers can now choose to have their parcels delivered into the new lockers.

New Infrastructure in Denmark



SwipBox and PostNord are preparing a brand new network of parcel lockers in Denmark. During the next six months, a pilot project with around 200 parcel lockers will be carried out in Kolding and provide input for the further rollout of the project. The vision is to have 10,000 parcel lockers all over Denmark by the end of 2020.

SwipBox and Remomedi



It will soon be possible to receive your medicine through automated parcel lockers in Finland, thereby marking the starting point for a new way of thinking about dispensing medicine, and the next step is Denmark and Norway. This is the result of a newly formed collaboration between Danish SwipBox and Finnish Remomedi.

Innovation Rules


Postal & Parcel Technologies

The innovative SwipBox MSPA, created for and with DHL Express, has proven to be a convenient solution for all parties in the last mile logistics. Both SwipBox and DHL Express have great expectations to the latest development, first mile integration to the MSPA, which enables MSPs to handle return logistics using the same MSPA.

SwipBox and Lehtipiste



The 750 parcel lockers will be manufactured by the Danish company Elogic Systems, with the first ones ready for installation in Finland in this autumn. Finnish consumers can therefore begin to look forward to completely new opportunities for sending, receiving and returning parcels.

SwipBox teams up with Biedronka in Poland



SwipBox is rolling out an agnostic parcel locker network in Poland. We have teamed up with Biedronka, a leading supermarket chain in Poland, where SwipBox Parcel Lockers will be found in 300 Biedronka locations – with more to come.