SwipBox, dao prepare for easy handling of reusable packaging through digital solution

SwipBox International A/S is currently testing a digital labelling solution, which will facilitate the introduction of reusable packaging, in close collaboration with logistics provider dao and e-retailer BEAUTYCOS. Together, they are preparing for the industry to conform to new packaging requirements. 

As of 1 January 2025, when a new EU packaging directive comes into effect, companies that use packaging will be responsible for their own pollution, encouraging them to minimise materials and reuse and recycle more.

"We know that for a great portion of these companies the new requirements will result in a focus on packaging with a greater degree of reuse while others will look to circular solutions. As a distributor we need to be ready for both types and we’re therefore currently testing reusable packaging with SwipBox’s digital solution in our system. The more we test, the better prepared we are to help all of our customers,” said dao CCO, Lars Balsby.

The SwipBox solution, named Circuit, is a digital label which has been developed to reduce the use of single-use packaging. Shipment details on the label are updated within a matter of seconds, making it hassle-free to reuse the same packaging unit.

"We all know how difficult it is to remove a traditional label from a box that we’d like to reuse. By making the label digital we not only remove this problem, we also eliminate well-known issues such as unreadable barcodes because of torn or wrongly attached labels. The Circuit label has an extremely low power consumption, allowing it to be circulated between webshops, distributors and end users up to 1,000 times before having the battery replaced,” SwipBox Founder and Chief Development Officer Allan Kaczmarek explained, elaborating: ”How many times a packaging unit can be circulated obviously depends on the material that it’s made of,” putting the onus back on companies shipping goods to develop or procure sturdy packaging that can withstand the handling and transport.


In this first pilot dao is handling SwipBox Circuit-labelled parcels for BEAUTYCOS, which sells beauty products via their webshop. They now wish to offer their customers the possibility to choose delivery in reusable packaging.

"At BEAUTYCOS we’re constantly looking at ways to reduce our impact on the planet and are therefore continuously testing solutions that are better for the environment. The solution from SwipBox is super simple for our customers. They simply order and pick up their parcels as usual. However, instead of having to bring a cardboard box home, they remove their products and leave the reusable packaging in the parcel shop for the staff to return it so that it can be used again. We believe that our customers will quickly realise how ingenious this solution is and are very much looking forward to evaluating the pilot later this year. We believe that this solution can become a real game changer for e-retailers,” said Head of eCommerce at BEATYCOS, Benjamin Birkholm.

Circuit-labelled parcels are currently delivered to daoSHOPs only. dao aims, however, to also make deliveries to parcel lockers.

About dao
dao is a 100% Danish-owned distribution company with roots going back to 1920. dao delivers parcels, letters, newspapers and magazines to recipients throughout Denmark to their preferred location: the corner shop, the letter box or to their door 365 days a year. Read more on www.dao.as.

BEAUTYCOS is one of the leading Danish omni-channel beauty product suppliers with 12 shops in Denmark and 14 websites shipping to Denmark and Europe. The company sells a wide variety of well-known and professional beauty brands at attractive prices. BEAUTYCOS is known for their excellent customer service, price-matching guarantee, fast delivery and advice from experts. For more information, visit https://www.beautycos.dk/om-os.