Sonderborg residents can now pick up parcels in the Peter Mads Clausen locker

The specially designed Nærboks parcel locker with a portrait of the well-known Dane Peter Mads Clausen has now been placed by the university, Alsion, in Sonderborg, ready to be used by the people living in the city.
Press Release

To celebrate that Peter Mads Clausen recently celebrated his 70th birthday and was announced as the honorary citizen of Sonderborg 2019, the Sonderborg based company SwipBox gave Peter Mads Clausen his very own Nærboks parcel locker with a portrait. Peter Mads Clausen decided that this Nærboks should be given to the citizens so they could use it.

Together, the Mayor of Sonderborg, Erik Laurizten, the Danish Minister for Transport, Benny Engelbrecht, and the CEO of SwipBox, Allan Kaczmarek, unveiled the unique Nærboks during a press conference on February 24. At the time, the parcel locker had not received its official location, but that’s all in the past now.

Allan Kaczmarek: ”For a while, we’ve been looking for the ideal location for this special parcel locker. Many locations were considered, and we have finally found the perfect spot. We decided on Alsion – where many citizens pass by and can use the parcel locker, not in the least the students that spend their time at the university.”

The distinctive Nærboks can be seen close to Alsion’s entrance, across from the train station. If you choose to have your parcel delivered in a Nærboks, the Nærboks with the portrait will be a delivery option when shopping online. The parcel locker is definitely worth a visit – even if you don’t have to pick up a parcel.