SwipBox Infinity feature limits physical contact

A significant increase has been seen in the utilization of parcel lockers in the Danish network of parcel lockers during the weeks of COVID-19 lockdown. This makes the screenless design of the SwipBox Infinity parcel locker particularly useful, as it ensures that the population can safely keep their distance as parcel pickup behavior changes.
Press Release

The worldwide pandemic has made a massive impact on the world, also affecting the parcel industry and shopping patterns of end users. This has increased the need for even more convenient options for parcel pickup. The SwipBoxInfinity parcel locker has been with the ability to stand anywhere, including outdoors, which has recently become a valuable feature. The ability to place parcel lockers outdoors reduces lines inside stores and allows people to keep their distance.

In addition, the parcel locker has a unique design that does not include a screen as it is solely app operated, which means that the end users do not need to touch anything but their own phone when picking up a parcel.

Allan Kaczmarek, CEO of SwipBox, says: “One of the features that we are really proud of has just become important, as everyone is doing their best to keep their distance and avoid spreading and getting germs. We designed the parcel lockers without a built-in screen - a feature that allows the end user to control the parcel lockers with their own phones.”

This means that end users do not need to have physical contact with an additional screen when they pick up their parcels – they only need to use their own phones. SwipBox Infinity parcel lockers also ensure 24/7 convenience when placed outside, so end users can pick up their parcels when it’s less busy, which is very important these days.

With the recent closing of malls and many stores in Denmark and countries all over the world, there has been a clear increase in online shopping, which has also increased the number of people choosing parcel lockers as their delivery option. As a matter of fact, in the last weeks, the percentage of parcels being delivered through parcel lockers in the Danish network has been the same as it was in the weeks after Black Friday, which are usually the busiest of the year.

Allan Kaczmarek, CEO of SwipBox, comments: “Locally, we have seen the utilization of the parcel lockers being twice as high as normal in the weeks since the government made regulations due to COVID-19 in Denmark.”

In Denmark, more and more parcel lockers are being installed under the brand name Nærboks and the average end user picks up their parcel within hours, which ensures that the parcel lockers can be filled up quickly, so that more people can pick up their parcels safely.