Posten Norge and SwipBox move towards parcel locker network in Norway

Over the next six months, a pilot project will be carried out in Oslo, where close to 100 parcel lockers will be made available and tested. This pilot will provide learnings for the further rollout of the new parcel locker network.
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From 20 January Norwegians living in and around Oslo will be able to access up to 100 new parcel lockers, known as Pakkeboks (Pakkeboks = parcel locker).

Tone Wille, CEO of Posten Norge commented: “I have big expectations of the new parcel lockers. Posten Norge is very focused on finding great solutions that make everyday life simpler for our customers. Time is valuable and our customers want more flexibility, which is why it’s important that we adapt to their needs”.

Pakkeboks can be opened with an app on the customers’ phones, which communicates with the parcel locker using Bluetooth.

SwipBox is the developer behind the parcel lockers that run on batteries and are very easy to install as there is no need for an external electricity source or an internet connection.

Allan Kaczmarek, CEO of SwipBox said: “Pakkeboks is a new concept that we are excited to present to the Norwegians, and which we have already been testing in Denmark under the Nærboks brand. We have based the networks on the newest technology, which makes it possible to establish parcel locker infrastructures".

"In late 2019, we ended the pilot of the Nærboks network in Denmark and we are now setting up Nærboks parcel lockers all over the country – I am very pleased that we can now offer the same solution to the Norwegians”, he added.

In the near future, it will also be possible to use the parcel lockers to return parcels to online shops and send parcels to members of the public.

SwipBox is a software company with a hardware solution that enables infrastructural innovation. With intelligent parcel lockers in more than 60 countries and deep networks in selected countries, SwipBox aims at increasing the convenience for end users. The highly intuitive SwipBox parcel lockers are designed and produced in Denmark and ensure ease of use for logistics providers and end users alike. From IT system integration with leading e-retailers to development of user interfaces, SwipBox creates solutions that match the needs of the user and the market.

The company is headquartered in Denmark and has additional offices in Poland, Australia and Pakistan. Together with partners, SwipBox always strives to optimise the solution to reduce the carbon footprint in the first and last mile area.

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