Ritter Sport spreads joy through Nærboks parcel lockers

In six Danish cities, eight very large Ritter Sport Advent calendars made out of SwipBox Infinity parcel lockers have been installed to spread some Christmas joy and delicious surprises.
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December is the season to be jolly and Ritter Sport is prepared to spread joy across Denmark this Christmas with their innovative Advent calendars. The Ritter Sport Advent calendars are not your regular calendars. Each of the calendars consists of two SwipBox Infinity parcel lockers from the Danish agnostic parcel locker network, Nærboks.

During December, 64 presents have been placed in the parcel lockers every day to ensure that as many Danes as possible get the chance to pick up a present in the parcel lockers.

The setup is very simple: Danes can sign up on a website to get a chance to win and the lucky winners will receive a text message with simple instructions explaining how to pick up their prizes. The presents will be safely waiting in the parcel lockers, which are located in convenient locations and the winners will need nothing but their phones to pick up their presents.

The parcel lockers used are from the Nærboks network, which is an agnostic network of SwipBox Infinity parcel lockers that is currently being rolled out across Denmark.