Build a solid online store that will stand the test of time

The best products at the best price with the most customer-oriented delivery options means nothing if your customers are not provided with sufficient information about the process when shopping in your online store. Transparent communication with your customers will build long-lasting and loyal customer relations - This white paper will provide you with some of the fundamentals to your communication strategy concerning the Last Mile Ecosystem.

The building blocks of your online store
Throughout the last three weeks you have read about Cost Efficiency and Customer Convenience in relations to the Last Mile Ecosystem that connects your online store with your customers. The first white paper concerning Cost Efficiency clarified that giving your customers the option to get parcels delivered to a far-reaching parcel locker network will keep delivery costs down and customer satisfaction up. The second white paper discussed how place is important as a parameter of Customer Convenience as customers demand the option to pick up their parcels where and when it suits them. Upon the foundation of the products you offer your customers, these are the building blocks of a solidly constructed online shop. Nevertheless, research shows that communicating the options is as important as the options themselves.

Communication is the window of your virtual store
Transparency is one of the most important things to customers when they choose where to shop online. A report conducted by Mystery eShopper and Bring concludes that nine out of ten customers look into delivery conditions before shopping at an online store, with price, time of delivery, and how products are delivered as the most important parameters . Actually, according to a DIBS, Danish Payment Internet Payment System, report, nearly a third of all customers will discontinue their shopping if conditions are not clearly communicated . Therefore, communication about delivery options, costs and time should already be communicated on the front page of your online store. However, it can be difficult to make clear and specific communication about delivery cost – you can offer free delivery from a certain amount, product or size dependent, a pre-set amount dependent on how fast delivery or point of delivery customers prefers.

Utilizing a far-reaching parcel locker network as the central part of the Last Mile Ecosystem will, however, allow you to have specific delivery conditions and thus able you to communicate clear and concise with your customers. Furthermore, allowing your customers to pick between several pick-up points improves your customers’ experience.

Return conditions and procedures can crackle your facade
Customers are fully aware that not every product bought is as expected; it does not fit as imagined, the color is not as seen on the computer screen or it was simply not the right thing after all. Therefore, they are looking for return conditions should it be necessary to send back items. According to the Bring report 70% of customers will search for conditions before shopping and 80% will choose an online store with an easy return procedure. Furthermore, the DIBS report states that 37% does not shop at online stores from abroad because it is inconvenient to return items. Communicating an easy and convenient return procedure ensures that customers will choose your online store over others’. But communicating with your customers before the delivery will only make customers shop on your online shop the first time. Communication during and at the moment of delivery will show your customers how much you value them, and the delivery experience will help you to build long-lasting relationships. A parcel locker network as SwipBox enables correspondence with the logistics provider’s Track & Trace system, for your customers to follow the delivery process at every registration point. It automates delivery notification through SMS or e-mail when the logistics provider registers a delivery at the locker and your customers are provided with an easy user interface when interacting with the parcel locker.

Pull back the curtains and communicate with your customers
Customers demand open and transparent communication when shopping online. Keep your conditions clear and concise and consider how important it is to communicate with your customers throughout the whole shopping experience, from when they enter your virtual store to they get hands on their products. Make delivery count as if it is the first step to the next shopping experience.

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