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We have launched a new product, SwipBox Infinity.
You can read more about the concept here:
SwipBox Infinity

why swipbox?

SwipBox is your choice when you want to add convenience for you and your customers, while lowering the costs of operation.

The e-commerce revolution has disrupted both the retail and the logistics sectors with massive growth in B2C parcel volumes. Read more




our original thinking

We see the world from a visionary perspective when we solve the challenges related to the first and last mile logistics.

At SwipBox our approach to any task begin with a vision of a better tomorrow - a tomorrow more effective and more convenient than today. All our ideas and ventures involve insights from specialists from all areas within the organisation, which secures that all scenarios are covered. Every feedback is taken into consideration, which ensure excellent execution of our ideas.

We have halved the number of deliveries that aren’t delivered on the first attempt. Our couriers also bring fewer packages back from missed deliveries to private customers, although the volume of these packages has now tripled.

In 2014 our total Last Mile Solution distribution cost savings were around 2%.
And from January to April this year, the total solution provided us with a savings of approximately 3.5% on our distribution costs.

  SwipBox is responsible for approximately 2% of this amount.

Steen Asger Jorgensen

Operations Director, DHL Express

about swipbox

SwipBox is more than a software company with a hardware solution. Consistent focus on convenient solutions for logistics providers, retailers and consumers drives us towards infrastructural innovation.

Since 2012, we have been dedicated to deliver outstanding solutions to our international business partners. We are headquartered in Denmark with offices in Poland, Australia and Pakistan. Read more

Our goal is that every element of the solution adds convenience
while lowering the cost of operation.



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