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Get omni-chanel connected with in-store pickup

Today’s ever-increasing consumer demand for speedy delivery and diverse check-out options puts pressure on retailers to offer omni-channel services, and the fastest rising consumer desire is Click and Collect.

SwipBox offers a fully automated in-store pickup service, complete with customer notification system, over-sized order solution, and a secure locker that allows consumers to pick up at their own convenience. Instead of standing in lines and becoming frustrated over long wait times while employees locate orders, customers become self-reliant and can pick up their orders in about 15 seconds from a SwipBox locker in a store, leaving far more time to browse for something more.

Click and Collect systems include:

Automated customer notification

Designated secure locker pickup station

Modular, plug and play lockers for rapid scalability

Jørgen Klüwer, former Online Director Danish Supermarket Group about SwipBox

SwipBox Parcel Locker at Danish supermarket

SwipBox is probably the most powerful, most visible element of our omnichannel strategy and at the same time it was quite easy to implement.

SwipBox is a young and dynamic company and they have proven that they can both cooperate with and deliver to the standards of a large corporation.

Jørgen Klüwer, former Online Director Danish Supermarket Group (Dansk Supermarked)

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