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Run the Last Mile with us

SwipBox began as a service for postal and logistics companies, so we have considerable background knowledge in first and last mile solutions. A number of global carrier partners lend their expertise to our development. Our open system provides new business solutions for both logistics and their retail partners.

Steen Asger Jørgensen, DHL Express about SwipBox

SwipBox Parcel Locker at Danish supermarket

It’s gone beyond all expectations. Today we have halved the number of deliveries that aren’t delivered on the first attempt. On top of that, our couriers bring fewer packages back from missed deliveries to private customers, although the volume of these packages has now tripled.

For the year 2014, our total Last Mile Solution distribution cost savings were around 2%. And from January to April this year, the total solution provided us with a savings of approximately 3.5% on our distribution costs. Of this amount, SwipBox is responsible for approximately 2%. We are delighted with the result.

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Steen Asger Jørgensen, Operations Director, DHL Express


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