Retailers face a consumer backlash over click and collect chaos

Online shoppers in the UK are turning to social media to complain about a poor click and collect experience in stores, suggesting that retailers have not adequately prepared for the increase in demand for the service over the busy Christmas period.

Our study of social media revealed a spike in complaints from consumers who feel they have been let down in the period following the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend.

Happy shoppers turned to angry complainers thanks to delays with the delivery of orders to stores, poor communication and long queues at pick-up desks in stores.

Here are just some of the tweets we spotted:

Click and Collect

Some complaints were so serious that nearly four out of ten posts about customers’ experience of click and collect included a warning that they would not use the service or shop with the retailer again.

Our study of social media suggests that retailers are at serious risk of losing customers as a result of a poor collection experience in stores.

Our solution is self-service parcel lockers, which will end delays for shoppers.

Because the experience for the customer is faster, our lockers will help to attract and retain customers.

They are also a cost-effective for retailers because they free staff from manually handing out orders. Instead, staff can spend more time with shoppers who want their help, which will lead to higher sales in shops.

In just four years, we have forged a successful partnership with Denmark’s biggest retailer – Dansk Supermarked – and have already expanded into ten more countries across Europe.

That reason that we have achieved such success is that SwipBox delivers for consumers and retailers.

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