SwipBox API's

Here is how it works

SwipBox API

A keystone in the SwipBox infrastructure is the API. The API enables seamless integration to your system.

Our API provides everything you need plus a set of extra tools to make your integration as powerful and flexible as your operation requires.

Create shipments with all the parameters needed to send out notifications or just send a simple barcode. The flexibility of the API enables you to make the integration as simple or complex as required.

You can follow the vacant capacity on the network in real-time. This enables you to optimize utilization and adjust the routes accordingly.


All the check points registered by us will be relayed to your back-end through our comprehensive WebHook System.

As an example; SwipBox will post a “Courier Delivered” event the second the courier closes the compartment door. An “End user Pick-up” event is posted the second the customer picks up the parcel. If the signature functionality is enabled, the event will contain the signature.