The challenge

How do you deliver parcels conveniently and make profit at the same time?

The ecommerce revolution has disrupted both retail and logistic sectors with massive growth in BtC parcel volumes.

The customers expect timely and convenient deliveries which creates a huge challenge for the delivery chain.

Historically delivery of parcels was dependent on the courier meeting the customer at their home. This process is simply not feasible, and failed delivery attempts are expensive for the courier and inconvenient for the customer.

Basically SwipBox is a rock solid and comprehensive software and IT back-bone solution combined with an extremely robust and lean parcel locker.

We cover all bases from courier checkpoints to customer notification, from payment systems to proof of delivery.

Guided by our ambition of achieving ultimate cost efficiency and convenience, and based on first hand experience in logistics and supply chain, we continually develop and enhance our software and hardware.