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The SwipBox parcel locker solution provides you with everything you need to run a professional last mile delivery or Click and Collect service.

SwipBox offers a comprehensive, turnkey first and last mile solution on a pay pr. parcel basis. The automated SwipBox solution can be used for delivery and returns with fulfilment from store or by a logistic partner.

The concept is based on a high degree of self-service and advanced software.


Last mile can be up to 75% of the total cost of delivery, and minimizing that process is our area of expertise. Logistics providers have become the critical link between the retailer and the consumer, and SwipBox supplies our partners with disruptive first and last mile solutions to help strengthen that connection.

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Parcel lockers are the most convenient, efficient and effective means of omni-channel service, used both as a Click and Collect solution and to drive new customers to your stores. SwipBox offers a comprehensive customer notification system combined with easy to use lockers that take about 15 seconds to pick up an order.
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How long does it take to deliver parcels to a SwipBox station?

Find out in the video below.

What does it take to expand a locker network to 10 countries in one year?

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