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World’s best parcel locker network

The challenge

How do you deliver parcels conveniently and cost effective at the same time?

The ecommerce revolution has disrupted both retail and logistic sectors with massive growth in B2C parcel volumes. Customers expect timely and convenient deliveries which creates a huge challenge for the delivery chain. Read more





The SwipBox network consists of base modules that can be expanded with optional add-on modules.

We operate with 3 different types of SwipBoxes: a 21 compartment base module, a 22 compartment add-on module or a 11 compartment add-on module. 

A courier places the parcel in the SwipBox. The courier scans the parcel barcode via the scanner on the SwipBox. The SwipBox relays the information to the central database via 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi or LAN connection and the costumer is notified by SMS. Read more

Steen Asger Jørgensen

Operations Director DHL Express

We have halved the number of deliveries that aren’t delivered on the first attempt. Our couriers also bring fewer packages back from missed deliveries to private customers, although the volume of these packages has now tripled.

In 2014 our total Last Mile Solution distribution cost savings were around 2%.

And from January to April this year, the total solution provided us with a savings of approximately 3.5% on our distribution costs.


SwipBox is responsible for approximately 2% of this amount.

SwipBox Overview

At SwipBox we know that the chain consists of many links in order to be a strong and reliable solution.

We have tried to assemble a few of the links in a full blown parcel network solution below. We have strived to create a full solution that covers everything from advanced API's to usefull webtools enhance the experience.

We belive in strong partnerships with Logistics.
We know what it takes to provide a full solution.


Who are we

SwipBox offers a comprehensive, turnkey first and last mile solution on a pay pr. parcel basis.

SwipBox is a Danish award-winning company. 

We deliver outstanding solutions to international logistics companies and retailers via our self-service parcel lockers and software solution, and our system makes it quick and easy to receive and send shipments. Read more

Our goal is that every element of the solution adds convenience
while lowering the cost of operation.

Allan Kaczmarek CEO


By award-winning postal and parcel solutions architects, SwipBox has become one of the most trusted parcel locker services in the world.